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For generations, we have successfully provided products and services to architects, distributors, building owners and contractors worldwide. Today, we're uniquely positioned to provide single-source, high-performance products, services and solutions. 

Tremco CPG companies’ products are designed and tested to work as one continuous system — It’s the power of one: One building envelope.  One powerful system delivering unmatched protection for your structure.

A world leading supplier of building envelope solutions

We know that the success of any construction project relies on more than the products that are used, it takes a lot of skill, knowledge, understanding, and expertise to ensure that those products are applied in the best way possible.

At Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG), we’re committed to shaping the future through innovative approaches and sustainable solutions. This commitment is backed up by the fact that we bring together first-class technology with a customer-focused approach. Skills that have been built up over multiple decades within very specialised fields, to provide a truly unique service.

From joint sealing, façade bonding & insulation through to passive fire protection, performance resin flooring, waterproofing and roofing solutions — our broad range makes us the ideal partner to solve the complex challenges faced by today’s architects, contractors, developers, and tradesmen.

As experts in a wide range of construction product technologies, Tremco CPG provide the solutions to engineered structures that are more efficient to build and maintain, are virtually impervious to the elements, and can provide a multitude of desired finishes.

Protecting your reputation is how we’ve built ours over numerous years in the industry

Tremco CPG understands that your business is constantly facing project schedule demand, margin pressures, ever changing building trends and complex designs.

We help you meet these challenges by providing superior technology along with a personalised service that helps you deliver and reduce call backs.

This full-spectrum support means that you are provided with assistance right from the start of the design and specification phase through the application work and into the after-care maintenance and ongoing daily operations of the site.

When working with Tremco Construction Products Group on your next building or maintenance project, you’re getting much more than high performance building materials, you’ll also be getting a well rounded customer experience that includes…

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Technical Advice for Every Situation

Whether on the construction site, over the phone or via chat, our specialists are always ready to provide you with advice and support.  We also provide application videos that explain procedures and processing steps for our products in detail.

CPD Presentations

Training Courses and Seminars

Our training courses provide technicians and site managers alike with support during planning and execution.  Our educational CPD and seminars keep planners and architects up-to-date on the latest in construction products.

Local Sites

Local Manufacture and Supply

We manufacture much of our product portfolio in a number of plants located across Australia and Asia Pacific.  This means that we can react to market requirements and local building preferences, backed up by a truly global R&D network.

Sustainable Solutions

Shaping a Sustainable Future

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint across all our plants through recycling, packaging optimisation and proper waste disposal, ensuring that our customers can source materials that meet the highest standards of environmental best practice.

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