About the Project

The ANZAC Memorial was designed as a sculptural monument, a unique collaboration between Architect Charles Bruce Dellit and sculptor George Rayner Hoff; it is arguably one of the finest examples of the union of architecture and art in Australia.

The building is a striking architectural form, symmetrical on both axes. It uses elements reminiscent of traditional Gothic architecture (buttresses, cathedral windows, high ceilings) in the Art Deco style. The Memorial is adorned externally with twenty sculptures representing the units of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). These are the sentinels of the building, keeping watch while representing the fallen to whom the building is dedicated.

Bruce Dellit’s vision for the Memorial included a still pool bounded by poplars to the north of the building (included for their significant symbolic association with the battles in France and Belgium), and a cascading fountain to the south.

The Hall of Service, at the centre of the Centenary Extension, is a civic space that architecturally and artistically mirrors the Hall of Silence. The Hall was named in acknowledgment of the original Memorial halls and to recognise more than a century of service by Australian servicemen and servicewomen. At the threshold to the space are the words: “NSW Service with and for All Australians”.


The Challenge

When restoring a National War Monument visited by hundreds of thousands of people, you need to provide the highest quality results and finishes expected of such a significant structure in our history. The challenge here, comes from creating a restoration solution on a building which was designed in the early 1930’s, which will be flexible enough to maintain the architects core design features but also created and executed within a tight time frame in time for ANZAC day. The solution needed to encompass modern technology with traditional design features to ensure the restoration lasts for the next 100 years as a memorial to our fallen heroes.

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Tremco Solution

Tremco worked closely with Sure Seal and Built to provide a solution which was both timely and high quality. the installers long standing relationship with Tremco, a number of unique solutions, together with a 20 year warranty period proved a success.

Over 15000m2 of Tremco products were installed on this historic site. Tremco provided regular iAudit reports on the job site (iAudits is a quality control measure used to ensure the products are being applied consistently to maintain warranty conditions) During regular site visits, Tremco were able to provide a high level of customised Technical information and design advice to ensure the project ran smoothly and to Built’s expectations.

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Tremco Supplied

  • 3000m2 of Paraseal LG was installed Below-Grade due to ability to self-seal if penetrated.
  • Over 12000m2 of Torch-on (TREMproof 3000 and TREMproof 4000) was installed in a double layer for the water fountain and external walkways.
  • TREMproof 90 was installed under both the internal central Atrium and external walkway tiles and stairs leading into the monument.
  • Vulkem NEM was installed for all internal membrane requirements.
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