TREMproof 90 Two Component Kit

TREMproof 90

Two Component, Liquid Applied Membrane for Internal Wet Area Waterproofing

TREMproof 90 is a two-component, liquid applied membrane designed to be used under tile and vinyl flooring, for internal wet area waterproofing areas. TREMproof 90 is a flexible, fast drying, low odour waterproofing membrane with fibre reinforcement for increased wet film thickness. 


Typical applications for TREMproof 90 include:
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Other internal tiled/vinyl areas

Features & Benefits

  • Tested to AS 4858, materials requirement for internal wet area membrane as required by AS 3740 and the National Construction Code of Australia.
  • Long history in Australia helps builders rest easy knowing that they are using proven products that are fit for purpose.
  • Ability to adhere tiles directly to the membrane allows for maximum design flexibility.
  • Low Odour makes using TREMproof 90 more contractor friendly, especially when applying in low air flow areas like internal bathrooms.
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