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Two large external fish ponds which have leaked since they were installed causing distress to the fish and expense to the owner. The leaking fish pond needed to have all the existing membrane removed and new waterproofing installed. This seems an easy job, however, the challange here lies with the limited waterproofing options available which are fish friendly. 



The first step was to remove all of the existing membrane from the origional substrate to start with a clean surface.

Tremco then attacked the problem with a three pronged approach.
  1. TREMcrete activator was used as a primer to increase the bonding properties of the concrete. TREMcrete Activator works by creating a secondary rehydration of the concrete by actviating any unactivated minerals in the concrete to create a stronger chemical bond between the concrete and the two TREMcrete coatings.
  2. We then patched, reprofiled and detailed the ponds substrate fixing any divots and voids with TREMcrete HBM mortar including the wall to floor junctions and pipe penetrations. HB Ultra is a reprofiling mortar ideal for below grade applications such as fish ponds.
  3. TREMcrete NWP was then used on top as a cementitious waterproofing membrane. TREMcrete NWP is designed for use in positive and negative waterpressure areas such as tanks, swimming pools and fish tanks, it is especially desirable for fish tanks due to its good chemical resistance, ease of application and ability to withstand up to 50 meter head of waterpressure. 

Tremco's onsite support was a key aspect which contributed to the success of this project, coming onsite, working with both the engineer and applicator, ensured the job was completed correctly the first time and with no call backs. 
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