Tremco Dualproof C

Tremco Dualproof C

Tremco Dualproof C membrane is a fully welded system, consisting of a special non-woven PP-Fleece, which is co-extruded with a highly flexible, water and gas resistant, soft PVC membrane. The fresh concrete forms a mechanical bond with the PP-Fleece and prevents water tracking between the membrane and the concrete.

The Tremco Dualproof C membrane system is new generation technology, it is specifically designed for the waterproofing and protection of below ground reinforced concrete.


Tremco Dualproof C Membrane System is proprietary, highly flexible soft PVC composite waterproofing membrane which forms a permanent mechanical bond with freshly poured concrete:
  • Protection against lateral water flow up to 6.9 bar
  • May be used in salt-water areas to protect the concrete structure
  • Used for water pressure-tight surface sealing of concrete structures
  • External barrier, for the waterproofing and protection of floor slabs and exterior concrete wall surfaces against soil moisture
  • Radon gas barrier
  • Tough and resistant - fast and easy to install
  • High compound shear strength
  • Quality control (CE-Certification) / Several independent test reports
  • Crack bridging in case of concrete cracks caused by strength and shrinkage
  • Crack-bridging capacity up to 3.2mm / 6.9 bar water pressure
  • May be installed in all weather conditions / Working temperature between -5°C and +50°C
  • Lightweight and versatile- Easy on-site handling
  • Membrane edge for overlapping
  • Protects concrete against chemical, salt and sulphate attack


Tremco Dualproof C may be used in all applications, where reinforced concrete structures must be protected against groundwater and contaminants. It is suitable for waterproofing of:
  • Foundations
  • Basements
  • Tunnels
  • Other concrete constructions below grade.
  • In saline or alkaline environments due to its chemical resistance.
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