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About the project

Parallel Apartments offer the best of everything Perth has to offer. You have the riverfront serenity, with the luxury of watching waves gently lap the shore from your balcony. Yet you’re a mere walk away from the non-stop action of WA’s premier entertainment complex, Crown Perth. 

You’re minutes away from work with the CBD at your doorstep. Yet the resort feel of this complex makes you feel a million miles away on a holiday.  The building has 13 levels, consisting of four levels of basement parking, a podium base with pool deck, and a tower section. With the cafĂ© taking pride of place on the ground floor. It seems like the lifestyle of the rich and famous, with premium finishes, uninterrupted views and resort style living. 


With such a sophisticated block of apartments, located on the banks of the Swan River, this project posed many challenges through not only its complex design, but also its functionality and physical location, with challenges literally from the roof to the basement.

Tremco Construction Products Group (Tremco CPG) were faced by a magnitude of challenges throughout this project:
  • Roof - Located on the edge of a natural waterway and sharing uninterrupted view of Perth, this building takes a beating on all sides from the wind, rain and heat on a daily basis. The roof needed to be well wearing from the elements, but also hard wearing from the pedestrians, since it is a common area for entertaining.
  • Balconies- Over 100 balconies, the products required to waterproof the balconies, needed to be reliable, durable and easily applied, whilst still offering the warranty required from the developer.
  • Windows – 13 levels of apartments consisting of over 500 windows exposed to the natural elements, weatherproofing the building needed to not only comply to the new NCC standards for weatherproofing but also be easy to install, low maintenance reliable and provide the warranty the developer required..
  • Internal Wet areas – With a premium building you need premium finishes, and a finish that will stand the test of time. With over 230 bathrooms, including a swimming pool change room and toilets and over 100 Kitchens, all areas needed to perform up to the heavy duty standards expected from such an abode.
  • Planter Boxes- It’s all about the details and longevity of the project, Planter boxes need to be prepared with anti-root materials to ensure water and tree roots stay away from the structure to ensure the pristine finishes are maintained.
  • Basement - This is one of the most challenging areas, being so close to Perth’s Swan River, the basement/carpark needed a waterproofing solution which will not only have the ability to hold back millions of litres of water every hour, but also withstand the test of time.
  • Car Park- The carpark is effectively one of the first and most commonly used features in any building and with Parallel consisting of a 4 storey below ground car park it really needed to be not only on-key with design, but also be hard wearing and functional for residence.
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The benefit of partnering with such a diverse company as Tremco CPG, is Tremco’s ability to provide solutions from many different areas of the construction envelope.

Projects like Parallel Apartments are a perfect example of how Tremco CPG can provide succinct building solutions and support for all stakeholders on the construction project.

With brands like Tremco, Flowcrete, illbruck, Willseal and Nullifire, you can have confidence that the solutions and systems provided will be of the highest quality and compatible with each other, providing complimentary solutions for the building.


Tremco CPG were able to utilise their diverse product range to provide a comprehensive solution for Parallel Apartments
  • Roof/Balconies – Over 800m2 of Vulkem 350NF-R / 951NF / 951NF was installed on the roof to ensure it is watertight and safe for pedestrian traffic. The balconies, saw Vulkem NEM and Vulkem H2 Plus installed from Tremco’s Waterproofing range. This system was specified due to its hard wearing nature, UV stability and low odour, tested to AS4654.1 standards to ensure compliance with the NCC for external waterproofing in Australia. Providing the perfect solution both aesthetically and functionally for such a hard wearing area of the building.
  • Windows – With over 500 windows on display in the complex and a location on the edge of a river exposed to the elements, weather sealing with the correct products were vital in maintaining a tight seal to maintain the warranty required of the build.  Illmod 600 was specified around all window and door perimeters. This UV stable pre-compressed impregnated foam is ideal for sealing the gaps and cracks between the windows and walls in difficult to reach areas, making the building weather tight. For the glazing side of the windows we used almost 2000 sausages of TREMglaze 50 and 1000 sausages of TREMflex 50 to ensure a strong bond with the frame and the Window. All of these products are compatible with each other ensuring the structure performs the way it’s meant to.
  • Internal Wet Areas – Internal wet areas account for more than 30% of all waterproofing defects post build, using trialled and tested product with proven success was vital in this build. Tremco’s Vulkem NEM (single component polyurethane membrane) was installed all wet area floors, while Vulkem H2 Plus (single component water based acrylic membrane) ensured all wet area walls were waterproof. Single coat application makes Vulkem NEM ideal for internal and external areas where fast pace construction occurs. These trialled and tested systems complement each other, offering no weak points and a seamless seal.
  • Planter Boxes- The planter boxes used over 1000m2 of TREMproof 250GC with anti-root additive. TREMproof 250GC is a rapid curing, high solids, low VOC, moisture cure modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane that can be applied to “Green” (24 hour old) concrete improving the speed of construction. The anti-root additive ensures no root matter growths through the membrane, keeping it watertight.
  • Basement-  28% of all waterproofing defects are a result of poor below grade waterproofing. The biggest challenge with waterproofing the basement of Parallel Apartments is that its situated on the Swan River. The solution here is Tremco’s Paraseal LG. Paraseal LG is a multi-layer sheet membrane waterproofing system consisting of a self-sealing, expandable layer of bentonite laminated to an impermeable, high density polyethylene (HDPE). The dual components form a tough, high performance waterproofing membrane system manufactured in controlled thicknesses of 4.25mm to 5mm. Over 3500m2 of Paraseal LG was installed in the basement of this building.
  • Fire Tanks- With such a large complex fire protection was essential and needed to be secure. To ensure this happened Over 400m2 of Tremcrete NWP was installed to house the water within the fire tanks.
  • Car Park- When it comes to carpark finishes, look no further than Flowcrete. For this project, over 500m2 of
  • Flowcrete Deckshield ED Rapide with coloured quartz was installed to provide the high-end finish, combined with the hardened durability a project such as Parallel deserves. Deckshield ED Rapide is a crack-bridging MMA car park deck coating that provides a colourful, waterproof, durable and UV resistant surface for exposed decks. Typically used to cosmetically enhance and waterproof external and multi-storey car parks.  Deckshield ED Rapide provides fire, slip, abrasion, UV and chemical resistance to the car park surface. The deck coating solution is aesthetically attractive and this coating's high textured finish reduces tyre squeal.


Additional benefits of benefit of partnering with Tremco CPG is that when you work with one account manager, you are working with an entire organisation dedicated to providing solutions for your business. For Parallel Apartments, Tremco CPG were able to Specify suitable solutions for the clients entire building envelope, from glazing, waterproofing, weathersealing, roofing and carpark with compatible products that work together and provide

Tremco provided regular iAudit updates on the job to give both the builder and developer confidence that the products being applied were installed correctly according to NCC.

Both the builder and developer were very happy with the end result and have since continued to do more projects with Tremco CPG.

Products Used

  • 450 Sausages of Dymonic 100
  • Over 1000 cartridges of Tremflex 50
  • 2000 Sausages of TREMglaze 50
  • Over 960 Sausages of Spectrem 2
  • 50m of Illmod 600
  • 3500m2 of Para seal LG
  • 1000m2 of Tremproof 250GC, Antiroot additive, Planter boxes, 
  • 10000m2 of Vulkem H2Plus, All bathrooms and balconies on top of screeds, 
  • 7000m2 of Vulkem NEM, Under screeds on balconies, decks and roof over living areas
  • 800m2 of Vulkem 350NF-R/951NF/951NF, Roof
  • 400m2 of Tremcrete NWP, Fire Tanks
  • 500m2 of Deckshield ED Rapide with coloured quartz. Parking deck
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