Multi-Purpose Epoxy for Priming, Binding, Bonding, Detailing & Concrete Repair

TREMcoat MPE is a high strength epoxy system that is specially formulated to serve a multitude of applications on a construction project. This versatility allows maximum application and minimum product specification. It can be used as a stand-alone product, or used in conjunction with other Tremco products to provide a complete system solution.


TREMcoat MPE is an ideal epoxy for:
  • Priming prior to coating system
  • Binder for:
    • Starter Bar/Bolt Grout
    • Concrete Repair
    • Epoxy Cove Detail
  • Epoxy injection
  • Seal around polyurethane injection packer

Features & Benefits

  • 24 hour cure time provides minimal delays
  • Versatile product provides multiple uses
  • Low VOC allows use in interior spaces
  • Low viscosity assists with easy and uniform mixing
  • Superior adhesive properties promotes adhesion of coatings
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