Open Cell Backer Rod

Open Cell Backing Rod

Tremco Sealant Accessory

Open Cell polyethylene backing rod for use in conjunction with Tremco sealants and membranes.


Tremco’s Open Cell Backing Rod is designed to be used in conjunction with Tremco’s sealants. It provides a highly durable bond-breaker to prevent 3-sided adhesion, which would otherwise reduce the sealant’s functional elasticity. Open Cell Backing Rod can be used for horizontal joints, but is ideal for vertical joints, commonly found in pre-cast panel butt joints, as well as around window/door perimeters, as it promotes quicker drying of the applied sealant when compared to Closed Cell Backing Rod.  


  • 10mm (W) x 210m (L)
  • 16mm (W) x 150m (L)
  • 22mm (W) x 100m (L)
  • 29mm (W) x 60m (L)
  • 38mm (W) x 60m (L)
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