Vulkem 191 QD Primer

One-Part, Low Odour, Rapid Curing Interlaminary Primer for Tremco Polyurethane Products

Vulkem 191 QD Primer is a quick-drying, one-part, moisture-curing primer for use to promote interlaminary adhesion between Tremco waterproofing layers after the membrane has been exposed for a prolonged amount of time or after a weather event where the primary membrane has lost its initial tack.


Vulkem 191 QD Primer is used as an adhesion promoter and interlaminary primer for Tremco polyurethane sealants and membranes.

Features & Benefits

  • Single component product provides efficient use of material for small areas.
  • Quick drying allows contractors to install membrane within 30 minutes of application.
  • Re-invigorates existing polyurethane membranes after initial application window is lost, minimizing application issues and impact of weather.
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