TREMseal Bandage Photo

TREMseal Bandage

TREMseal Bandage is a TPE flexible sealing tape, is thin and extra-tough elastic strip with considerable longitudinal and lateral extension. Ideal for sealing and waterproofing expansion joints and over cracks subject to irregular and high movements. Excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation and chemically stable.


  • Green Star Compliant
  • Viable solution for joints that are not properly sized to use a traditional sealant bead
  • Fully encapsulated edges provide continuity in the waterproofing layer
  • Heat weldable
  • Easy to install


TREMseal Bandage is ideal for use with Tremco’s waterproofing membranes in sealing waterproof expansion joints, primarily in:
  • Water retention tanks (OSD, Fire Suppression)
  • Tunnels
  • Reservoirs
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sewage Treatment Tanks
  • Deck Expansion Joints
  • Bunded Areas
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