TREMproof Torch Fleece

TREMproof Torch Fleece is a 1.9mm thick, APP modified bitumen fibre back ventilated base sheet. TREMproof Torch Fleece is installed in multi-layer systems either fully adhered, loose laid or mechanically fastened.


TREMproof Torch Fleece has been designed to be used over thermal insulation, failed existing membranes and heat sensitive substrates.

Features and Benefits 

  • APP Bitumen has a higher softening/melting point, making it more appropriate for roof applications compared to SBS Bitumen.
  • Consistent 1m wide material allows for more accurate material quoting and more uniform material installation.
  • Fleece back sheet allows for existing moisture to vent with TREMproof Torch Vent & Cap from the system and increase the life of the roof assembly.
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