TREMproof 90 WB Primer

TREMproof 90 WB primer is a single-component, waterbourne, acrylic primer designed to act as an adhesion promoting primer and to minimize absorption of the TREMproof 90 into porous surfaces and prevent “green cracking” and other inconsistencies in the waterproof membrane.


TREMproof 90 WB is used on all concrete, masonry, fibre cement board and other porous substrates prior to application of TREMproof 90 waterproof membrane application.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra low viscosity ensures product migrates into the capillary tracks of the concrete, maximizing surface penetration.
  • Low VOC makes it more contractor friendly when used in areas where solvents may be an issue.
  • Water clean-up reduces the presence of solvents on a construction site and allows for easy clean-up.
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