TREMcrete Aqua Dam U

Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grouting System

Tremco Aqua-Dam U is a hydrophobic polyurethane compound that is injected in concrete and other sound substrates to stop water. The reaction time is controlled with Tremco Aqua Accelerator. When cured, Tremco Aqua-Dam U forms a water tight seal within the substrate.


Tremco Aqua-Dam U, can be injected into a variety of concrete structures to waterproofing leaking cracks and joints (control and construction joints).

Features & Benefits

  • Fast reaction time with added accelerator.
  • Dimensionally stable- minimal shrinkage in wet/dry cycles.
  • Excellent elongation in moving cracks and joints.
  • Tenacious adhesion to both wet and dry substrates.
  • Needs very little water to react and cure.
  • Remains active when the water subsides.
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