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Epoxy Paste Adhesive

TREMcoat EPA is a two-component, versatile epoxy paste structural adhesive and void filler. It is specially formulated to handle a wide range of job-site conditions and applications. It creates a dense solid that adheres tenaciously to the substrate it is installed on.


  • Colour coded Part A and B assists with proper mixing and minimizes error by applicators on-site by achieving a uniform grey appearance.
  • Blends easily to ensure uniform consistency prior to application.
  • 95Mpa Compressive strength exceed concrete, ensuring the weak spot in the structure is now a point of strength.
  • 1 Day Cure minimizes project delays.
  • Good chemical resistance for applicable use in adverse conditions.
  • Potable Water Approved (AS 4020).
  • 2 hour pot-life allows plenty of time for installation.n


TREMcoat EPA is a versatile adhesive that has a range of applications, some of which are:
  • Anchor Starter Bars
  • Adhering Pre-Cast concrete elements
  • Adhesive for TREMseal Bandage system
  • Adhesive for natural building elements
    • Stone
    • Brick
    • Concrete
  • Metal bonding 
  • Void filling/crack sealing in concrete decks
  • Emergency repair of concrete structures/industrial floors
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