Sentinel Galvanic Anodes

Sentinel Galvanic Anodes are designed to mitigate the corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete. Their principal function is to counteract the “anode ring effect” and significantly extend the service life of concrete repairs.

They are used in locations where new concrete or concrete repair materials are placed adjacent to existing chloride-contaminated concrete. Sentinel anodes generate an effective current to the surrounding reinforcing steel, thus protecting the steel from corrosion. Sentinel Silver contains 100 grams of zinc.


  • Offers the highest self-generating protective current output of any cathodic protection device on the market ensuring long service life and large coverage area.
  • Allows the use of repair materials with resistivity values up to 30,000 ohm-cm
  • Unique v-notch design snugly fits against any size rebar and minimizes removal of concrete assuring easy, efficient placement using standard tools, reduces labor requirements and lowers installation costs
  • Exclusive insulating barrier design will not “dump” current into attachment bar extending the coverage area and service life of the cathodic protection device
  • Engineered to provide long lasting service that maximizes the life of the repair and delivers an excellent cost benefit advantage. Sentinel anodes are designed to deliver beneficial protective current for 10 to 20 years*, thus allowing the owner to skip a repair cycle or two
  • Galvanized tie wire will not rust and mounts tightly to rebar forming a secure connection
  • Many successful project references available
*Current required to completely prevent corrosion of steel in concrete will vary with conditions, as will effective service life
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