Presstite FR

BAL 40 Fire Tested Polyurethane Sealing Strip

Presstite FR is an impregnated flexible polyurethane foam sealing strip. Presstite FR expands and contracts to accommodate movement, acting as a gasket or sealant to reduce noise, to stop light draughts, dust, dirt, and light rain water from entering building constructions in leisure, domestic, commercial or industrial installations while providing fire protection in a BAL 40 fire area.


  • Expansion joints
    • precast Concrete slabs, block and brick work
  • Precast
  • Concrete
    • Panels
  • Roofs
    • Domes, Skylights and Vents
  • Sheet metal Roofing
    • Profile for sealing at parapets, over plates, side and end laps
  • Windows and Doors Frames
    • Timber, masonry and metal


  • Easy Installation
  • BAL 40 Tested
  • Windproof
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