illbruck PU033

A One Component, Moisture Curing, Polyurethane Adhesive Foam

illbruck PU033 is a rapid curing gun grade polyurethane, collapsing foam adhesive.


It is ideal for the rapid installation of plasterboard, insulation or acoustic panels, EIFS, roof decking and similar sheet materials. PU033 is compatible with many common substrates including masonry, concrete, timber and metal.

Features & Benefits

  • An easy to use alternative to mortars and dry wall adhesives.
  • Ideal for bonding plasterboard, insulation and EIFS panels. 
  • Forms a high strength bond within 45 minutes.
  • Expands to fill gaps, cavities and uneven surfaces.
  • Compatible with a widerange of common substrates.
  • Loading time after approximately 24 hours.
  • Resistant to decay, heat, water and many chemicals.
  • More economical than standard adhesive materials.
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