Geofabric wrapped in branded plastic


Tremco Membrane Accessory

A non-woven, staple, needle-punched, geotextile fabric specifically designed as a high flow rate, soil filtration medium to protect planters from soil erosion while providing sufficient water flow to the Tremco drainage solution.


Tremco Geofabric Drainage Fabric is designed to be used in conjunction with Tremco’s waterproofing membrane and drainage solutions for planter applications as a soil filtration barrier.
  • Protection of waterproofing membranes during backfilling.
  • Protection of waterproofing membrane from damage by other trades, during construction.
  • Acting as a drainage fabric to shed water from the waterproofing membrane.
  • Acting as a slip sheet (isolation layer) between the waterproofing membranes and concrete topping.
  • Protection of waterproofing membranes in planter boxes (install with folded, not cut corners).
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