Evencure XDS-NXGEN

Evencure XDS-NXGEN is a hydrocarbon resin blend cure blended with hardeners and densifiers to create the highest performance curing compound currently available on the Australian market.
This unique formulation offers many advantages over existing resin based curing compounds.


Evencure XDS-NXGEN is suitable for curing all freshly laid concrete either smooth or textured, indoors or outdoors


  • Complies with Australian Standards AS3799
  • Achieves water retention of 90% or greater
  • Increased abrasion and impact resistance
  • Contains no wax
  • Eliminates the need for curing by ponded water, damp hessian or polythene sheeting
  • Reduces concrete dusting and plastic shrinkage
  • One coat application
  • Can be removed, if required, by ConClena (stripper/degreaser)
  • Equipment washable in water
  • Available as Type 1 (Clear), Type 1-D (Fugitive dye) and Type 2 (White)
  • Densification of the surface for chloride protection
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