Evencure AA Container

Evencure AA

Evencure AA is a low viscosity aliphatic alcohol blend in an aqueous solution. Evencure AA is applied to freshly placed concrete surfaces, to reduce water evaporation during the critical “finishing” period of the concrete, particularly under adverse weather conditions such as high temperature, high winds and low humidity.


  • Evencure AA can be used on coloured concrete, prestressed or precast concrete, roads, bridges, etc
  • Evencure AA is ideal for use with coloured dryshakes on concrete where extra time may be required to enable placement of stencils, mats, etc.
  • The product is suitable for wood float, hand trowel or machine finishes.


  • Reduces plastic shrinkage
  • Totally waterbased
  • Will not affect adhesion of after trades
  • Gives an improved finish to the concrete surface when trowelled or floated
  • Has no effect on the cement hydration process
  • Reduces “stickiness” to concrete tools during finishing
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