Eucoweld 2.0

Eucoweld 2.0 is a liquid latex bonding agent for cement-based repair mortars and concrete. Eucoweld 2.0 has a long open time, and repair materials can be placed either after it has dried, or while it is still wet. This bonding agent represents a new generation of easy-to-use latex, which exhibits drastically improved performance and stability in comparison to the typical re-wettable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) bonding agents currently available. Eucoweld 2.0 is a unique, non-EVA based latex that utilizes reactive chemistry for bonding, rather than depending on the moisture content of the repair material.


  • Repairing concrete with cement-based mortars
  • Concrete overlays and toppings
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Repairs that will be frequently wet or submerged after curing


  • Excellent bond strengths
  • Repair materials can be applied wet-on-wet, or after it has dried
  • Easy to use - applied to surface straight from container
  • Long open time
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