Penhurst Public School
Penhurst, New South Wales

Penhurst Public School provide high quality education in a safe and inclusive environment, encouraging their students to aim high. To support an inclusive environment, there is a hearing-impaired unit on site as well as flexible programs tailored to support individual learning needs and abilities.

For below grade areas it is important to ensure security to the builder and owner that water will not enter, which was able to be attained by applying Paraseal LG, a fantastic dual layer waterproofing system. The bathroom areas were able to be completed using the Vulkem H2 Plus and Vulkem NEM systems.

For all exposed areas, including the roof and walkways, the contractor, Aqua Remedial Works (ARW), were able to apply Tremco’s Vulkem 360/951NF/951NF system which provides a low VOC, UV stable waterproofing system. For the play area rooftop, a special colour tint in Limestone was required to match the colour scheme, which was then applied with the same Vulkem system. Aqua Remedial Works, completed detailed testing to ensure all parties were completely satisfied with the requested colour, using the sand to refusal method, proving successful.

Tremco CPG representatives did multiple site observation visits were completed with the applicator present to ensure square meterage was achieved on the rooftop areas as well as efficient use of sand to provide an appropriate slip rating as per the customer’s request

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