Queenslanders know the importance of wearing sunscreen due to the UV index that is high enough all year round to cause skin damage. It is crucial we also give our buildings the best “sunscreen” as well to ensure protection from the harsh UV light and to give the building a longer life expectancy.

Palm Beach Apartments 1 Hemingway-bottom-coat-1-LR.jpg

For these new apartments built in Palm Beach, 1,000m2 of roof required protection. Vulkem NEM was selected due to its proven performance and ease of application. The single coat application eliminates the risk of membrane de-lamination between layers as well as being a class III membrane that allows for high flexibility and movement accommodation. It is a great choice for where fast-paced construction occurs.

 Hemingway-top-coat-4.jpeg Hemingway-top-coat-5.jpeg

The waterproofing protection was enhanced by the use of Vulkem 951NF which provides a chemically controlled cure, reducing the impact of temperamental weather conditions, while also providing the UV-stable protection needed.

By using these systems, we can ensure your building to be protected by the elements while also providing an attractive finish.

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