Located on an iconic landmark site, One Subiaco can be found on the site of the old Pavilion Markets between the ocean and the city. The residential area offers world class resort style facilities in a bespoke contemporary development with a vibrant ground floor incorporating a mix of alfresco cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and artisan retailers, allowing the community to come together.

The residential area above brings something new to Western Australia, split into a collective of three buildings, enhancing Subiaco’s existing heritage, charm, and character. The applicator, Robertson Coatings, selected the
Nullifire SC902 “Fast Track’ Hybrid intumescent basecoat for use on the ‘Heritage’ structural steel components due to the unique surface tolerant properties of the coating.

The coating was being applied on-site to steel and required a 120 min fire resistance level performance. The rapid, high build, and fast cure capability of Nullifire SC902 provided the level of productivity required to deliver quick access to following trades.

The car park area of the building was also in need of a transformation as it had leaks in the basement and the client was not happy with the aesthetics of the car park ramp. As this was a newly opened apartment block, the contractor Antiskid had to ensure residents the ability to access their car and parking area, therefore works needed to be kept to a minimum. The challenge here was that the client required the works to be completed in one day as not to disrupt the residents.

Antiskid put forward the Deckshield ED Rapide in Terracotta due to its rapid curing properties and durability. The deck coating solution is aesthetically attractive and the coating’s high textured finish reduces tyre squeal as well as providing a UV resistant surface, leaving the builder and client happy with the results.

ONE Subiaco - Preparation ONE Subiaco - During Application ONE Subiaco - During Application External ONE Subiaco - Ramp Application
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