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About the Project

NorthConnex is the missing link in the National Highway route, connecting the M1 Motorway in Wahroonga, to the Hills M2 Motorway. It is built to the highest safety standards with systems and equipment that make it a next generation tunnel.

The NorthConnex twin tunnels are around nine kilometres in length with two large 3.5 metre lanes plus an additional break down lane in case of an incident or emergency. The tunnel generally follows the alignment of Pennant Hills Road but without the sharp corners and hills. This makes the journey faster, safer, more reliable and more efficient, reducing operational and maintenance costs for motorists.


Faced with strict environmental regulations and time lines imposed by the government, the NorthConnex tunnel needed a combination of environmentally friendly concrete curing applications which would not only increase the strength of the concrete, but help reduce the curing time of the concrete in order to keep the tunnel construction aligned with its time schedules for the highly publicised completion.


Evenrange were contacted by the builder to provide a feasible solution to this project which was both  environmentally friendly and conformed to strict State and Federal Government project guidelines.

Evenrange provided 310,000 Litres of Evencure AC and 105,000 Litres of Evencure W30.

Evencure AC is an acrylic modified emulsion used as a curing membrane on freshly poured concrete.
Evencure AC meets AS3799 requirements and exhibits excellent durability as a concrete sealer.

Evencure W30 is a wax-based, sprayable curing compound formulated to cure freshly laid concrete. It is a low to medium viscosity, white pigmented emulsion of specially blended waxes. Evencure W30 meets the requirements of AS3799 for moisture retention in liquid membrane curing compounds.

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