Immanuel College Discovery Centre

Immanuel College Discovery Centre located in South Australia is developing a new precinct that will provide learning, leadership, and enterprise facilities for senior school students, with a focus on year 10 students. The goal is for students to be guided to better understand themselves, explore opportunities, and prepare for Year 11 and Year 12, as well as life after school.

The Discovery Precinct is planned to open in 2023 and prior to opening, the building must first be fire-proofed to protect students and staff in case of an emergency. The applicator, Swartz did a fantastic job in applying Tremco’s Nullifire SC902 to the external steelwork. Designed to provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance to “I” section beams, columns, hollow columns, and cellular beams. With a fast cure ability, Nullifire can be shower proofed within 1 hour.

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