The objective was to reinstate the waterproofing to the roof of a sandstone covered walkway between the administration building and the chapel. This was to be carried out after the restoration of the sandstone structure. The existing membrane was an old fibreglass/acrylic membrane system that was still in good condition apart from some moss and lichen. The area to be waterproofed was approximately 150m2

Prior to the waterproofing being done, there were areas where electrical conduit was replaced leaving a rebate that had to be filled in addition to this coving needed to be installed between the roof deck and the sandstone parapet wall. This was achieved by using an epoxy paste.


TREMproof 200EC was the preferred primer.

After priming the Vulkem 350 was installed in one application to the correct wet film thickness, this remained quite tacky for two days.

The top coat was the Vulkem 351 in beige.


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