At one of the most prominent corners of the bustling Melbourne CBD, WeWork Elizabeth Street, gives its members access to Melbourne office space in the historical London Stores building. Ideally located on the corner of Bourke Street and Elizabeth Street, offering six floors of private offices, conference rooms, and event space in a large, Chicagoan-style building.

20-30 years ago, a two-layer torch-on membrane was applied to the roof of this building. Unfortunately this was starting to fail in some areas and was in desperate need of a restoration. Initially, there were some challenges in selecting the best primer for the project, however through on-site testing, we found that TREMproof 200EC primer provided the best result.

Some rectification works were done to correct falls and repair crumbling covings using an epoxy and the full roof restoration was completed with the fully Perm-A-Fab re-enforced AlphaGuard BIO system. The Slate Grey top coat of this system compliments the surroundings while also providing excellent UV and pedestrian traffic resistance, extending the useful life of the structure.

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This system not only offers a durable and serviceable market leading roof restoration that will stand the test of time, but it also represents a highly cost effective solution as it removes the need to demolish and remove the existing membrane. Well done to Watertite Waterproofing for another successful application of our Alphaguard BIO Roof Restoration System.

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