Get to know the people behind the business with our 5 Questions With series. 

Once a month we sit down with a member of the Tremco Construction Products Australia (CPG) team to share some of their wisdom and expertise with us. This month we talked to Simon Ross, our National Business Development Manager – Grouts & Repairs.

Simon Ross

1. Is there a particular civil construction project you’ve seen that impressed you and why?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one in particular in that I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in so many! Perhaps a standout though was the crane rail replacement project/s at Port of Brisbane on the DP World Terminal a few years back. Each phase of the work needed to be finished within a very short window of time in order to give the berths back to the client. This was a classic example of the contractor (McMahon Services … assisted by their sister company – Ballestrin), Professional Team (KBR) and client (Port of Brisbane / DP World) working together to achieve an optimum result … “Together we are better!”

2. What construction product technology most interests you and why?

I have a growing interest in corrosion inhibitors which seek out and form a corrosion inhibiting protective layer on metals and which when used with repair mortars and grouts, will also migrate to undisturbed concrete providing effective corrosion protection to rebar already in place and adjacent to the areas being repaired. This provides an intriguing and effective alternative to the more traditional anodic & cathodic systems most used. 

3. How long have you worked in the construction or building products industry?

I first started back in 1992, so that would make it approximately 30 years now … Yikes!

4. Where do you foresee the growth in the concrete industry over the next five years?

It’s difficult to comment on the concrete industry per se, but as it relates to the industrial grouting and concrete repair industry and at the risk of sounding cliched, I believe that there will be a continued focus on renewable energy and alternative fuels. The million-dollar question of course is, how sustainable are these? I must believe though that our continued quest for a cleaner environment, better waste management and economic growth will ensure that these market sectors are front of mind for a long time to come and our job will be to provide sustainable solutions for the grouting and concrete repair challenges on projects in this space.

5. What are the biggest hurdles the civil construction industry is currently facing across Australia?

People and skills. There seems to be a growing shortage of workers in the civil construction industry with the practical skills to get things done on site versus in theory, or on paper. Perhaps the biggest opportunity for youngsters setting out in our industry will be to get out on site, get their hands dirty and learn how to do things on the cold face. That coupled with some theoretical training will put them in a league above. We don’t need more managers, we need more skilled workers, who are often the backbone of a successful contract.

If you need advice on industrial grouting or concrete repair solutions for your project or fancy attending a Euclid Chemical Lunch & Learn session, please reach out to Simon

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