TREMcrete Activator

Surface Hardener and Corrosion Inhibitor Aqueous Solution

TREMcrete Activator is a chemically blended aqueous solution, free of chlorides, especially formulated as a Penetrative Corrosion Inhibitor that significantly hardens the surface and increases the durability of concrete.


  • Restoration of degraded concrete surfaces
  • Approved to use on Heritage sites
  • Dust proofing of factory floors
  • Surface hardening and abrasion resistance of concrete surfaces - floors, road works, bridge decks etc
  • Reinstatement of poorly finished concrete
  • Primer for cementitious render
  • Water retention agent for new hardening concrete


As a performance and durability enhancer of existing concrete surfaces:
  • Repairs hair line cracks in concrete
  • Densifies and hardens the surface layer
  • Stops surface dusting
  • Increases impermeability, chemical resistance and durability
  • Restores the protective properties of the concrete against reinforcement corrosion
On new hardening concrete:
  • Reduces water loss by approximately 20%
  • Promotes efficient cement hydration
  • Stops surface dusting
  • Reduces surface cracking
  • Increases surface hardness, impermeability and durability
  • Enhances concrete protective properties against steel reinforcement corrosion
As a primer for most cementitious renders and polymeric coatings:
  • Increases the adhesive bond strength of the renders and polymeric coatings As a treatment of brickwork joints:
  • ​Works as a hardener and durability enhancer of brickwork joints

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