Polyroof LV

One Part, High Performance, Bitumen Based Elastomer Mastic

Polyroof LV is a single-component, roof elastomer mastic formulated to ensure elasticity, weather resistance, and durability with ease of application. 


Polyroof is designed to weatherproof moving elements of a roof assembly such as:
  • Edge Details
  • Metal Lap Joints
  • Splits
  • Cracks and Path Repairs
  • Penetrations
  • Projections
  • Sealing of Ballast Stops
  • General Roof Repair

Features & Benefits

  • Unique blend of bitumen polymers provides flexibility for repairing both tar and bitumen-based roof membranes.
  • Over 700% elongation helps accommodate cyclic movement in roofing joints and reduces the likehood of roof splits/tears reoccurring.
  • Excellent workability and trowel grade consistency gives the installer flexibility in the types of repairs and other applications it can be used for.
  • Tenacious bond helps ensure that repairs made using Polyroof LV are durable and last, even in challenging applications.
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