Polypad Paver Support


Pre-fabricated plastic paver/pedestal support specifically designed for the placement of pre-fabricated paver slabs of concrete, autoclaved compressed cement sheets, etc, on roofs or podium decks.

  • PolyPad provide rapid drainage of surface water through uniform open joints in the paver surface.

  • Eliminates any concern of efflorescence as there is no screed or tiling grout present in the paver system.

  • Eliminates the risk of debonding pavers as a result of improper installation and/or tile movement.

  • Promotes maximum design flexibility as the pavers are easy to remove and changed for future facility use or stylistic changes in the future.

  • Provides convenient area under the paver to run utilities to garden beds or podium/roof area lighting.



  • Each PolyPad has a circular base plate, which has bevelled edges to ensure that no mechanical damage is caused to underlying waterproofing membranes by the PolyPad support.

  • Spacer lugs allow for a variety of quickly adjustable heights, with a minimum of 30mm to a maximum height of 45mm.

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