Hypalon Sheeting Compound for Sealing Waterproof Expansion Joints

Tremco HypaFlex is a combination sheet material, made from Hypalon elastomers and laminated to a high strength polyester reinforcing scrim.


Tremco HypaFlex is ideal for use with Tremco’s TREMproof waterproofing membranes in sealing waterproof expansion joints, primarily in:
  • Water retention tanks (OSD, Fire Suppression, Potable Water)
  • Tunnels
  • Reservoirs
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sewage Treatment Tanks
  • Deck Expansion Joints

Features & Benefits

  • Viable solution for joints that are not properly sized to use a traditional sealant bead.
  • Fully encapsulated edges provide continuity in the waterproofing layer.
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