900m2 metal roof that was in drastic need of restoration due to heavy rust and damage. This type of project would most likely shut a business down for a week or two with a total roof restoration and replacement…however when the business is a bowling club that relies on its members and guests for revenue the solution needs to be quick, have a low impact on members and patrons, needs to be cost effective and of the highest quality.

There are a few remedial solutions to this common problem. Replacing the roof is the most common one, but is often cost prohibitive and unfortunately not particularly convenient for this type of business as it would mean the business would need to close for an extended period of time, losing revenue.

The installer and Tremco were asked to provide a solution which could reduce the down time of the project but also provide an appropriate warranty to satisfy the job and within budget.

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The Solution

Tremco recommended Alumanation 301 as the perfect solution for this job. Alumanation 301’s ability to go over the top of the existing system with minimal preparation and reduced application time meant that Blacktown Bowling Club could still operate as normal, reducing customer and business down time. The additional benefit of using Alumanation 301 is the substantial cost benefits in both product and labour time over a full demolition and replacement of the roof.

Alumanation 301 reflects heat, prevents corrosion, and protects against mild acid and alkali fumes on a variety of substrates, including metal, concrete, fibre cement, built-up roofing and modified bitumen. This premium grade industrial maintenance coating is formulated from specially processed asphaltic liquids, non-drying oils, a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic fibres and aluminium pigments. Alumanation 301, being solvent based, can be applied in colder temperatures than its water based counterparts. The one coat application makes it a very economical and easy to use product. Alumanation 301’s aluminium finish is highly reflective, protecting the roof from harmful UV, as well as keeping building cooling costs down to a minimum. Its high chemical resistance allows Alumanation 301 to be used in environments where exposure to acids, alkalis, and other destructive elements is common.

Why the Customer Chose the Tremco Solution

  • Alumanation 301’s ability to go over existing metal roofing including rust
  • The ease of application with minimal preparation required before application
  • The cost of Alumanation 301 was more attractive than replacing the metal sheeting
  • The club could remain open while the restoration was being completed
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